Nov 25, 2020 How To Lose Weight

What is Carnivore Diet? Eat meat for weight loss. Is it really fast?

How to lose weight like eating only Zero carb meats, fruits and vegetables, do not touch it. Also known in the formula for eating meat to lose weight. Will it help me to slim? And how does it affect health Let’s study at the same time.
          Weight loss formula that who said good We want to know and want to try it all. Whether you are keto weight loss, IF formula, including the Carnivore Diet, today we will get to know each other. Let’s see that Eating only meat without starch Who does this weight loss formula work with? And are there any side effects to be aware of?

What is the Carnivore Diet?

          Carnivore Diet is a weight loss formula. Focusing on eating all kinds of meat, eggs, milk, butter, yogurt, spices, pepper, salt, herbs such as turmeric, without eating any foods from vegetables and fruits, which CD weight loss formula is not a new way It is reported that the Carnivore Diet is a dietary formula used to treat allergic patients. Or disease causing inflammation in the body such as rheumatoid arthritis Or disease, etc.

In order to lose weight, those who eat Carnivore Diet will adhere to the principle of eating just enough to be full. Is to eat when hungry Stop eating when you feel full. No calories are set There is no limit to the hours of eating. In the beginning, you can eat as much as you can to make yourself feel full and later you will feel full faster. Until eating less and less because the body begins to adjust to ketosis (ketosis) or a condition where the body begins to burn fat that has been stored for a long time. To use it as energy

What Carnivore Diet Can Eat?

The CD diet can be eaten as follows.

          – All kinds of meat


– Offal

– eggs

– Real Butter

– cheese

– Whipped cream made from cow’s milk (Heavy Cream)

– Spices such as turmeric and pepper

– salt

– water

– mineral water

– black coffee

– soda

– Animal oils such as lard, chicken oil (for cooking)

– Authentic Shrimp Paste

– Real fish sauce

– Broth from boiling bones

What can the Carnivore Diet not eat?

          – all kinds of vegetables and fruits

– various grains such as nuts

– all kinds of rice

– Tuberous plants such as oily taro

– breads, cakes, cookies, candies

– Noodle food such as noodles, noodles, spaghetti, pasta

– sugar, including stevia Sweeteners instead of sugar, syrup, syrup

– juice

– soft drinks

– tea

– alcoholic beverages

– Milk (according to the CD diet, you can drink milk, but for weight loss you will not drink milk or eat dairy products together. Because most of them contain sugar)

How is the Carnivore Diet different from the Ketogenic Diet?

          Both the Carnivore Diet and the Ketogenic Diet are both carb-free diets. But CD weight loss will not eat carbohydrates (Zero carb), no fruits, vegetables or sugar at all. Instead, eat a pure meat diet while eating keto can still eat some grains and fruits. It focuses on eating fat, unlike the Carnivore Diet that does not focus on eating fat to lose fat like the principles of the Ketogenic Diet.

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