May 19, 2020 COVID-19

Promotion-promotion update of COVID-19 sickness notification to withdraw golf tournament next week

Promotion-promotion update of COVID-19 sickness notification to withdraw golf tournament next week

A symptom update promotion after a positive COVID-19 test has been reported with the withdrawal of the Pelican Women’s championship program.

In the case of Thai golfers, including Arm Kiradej, Mereya, Momoryya, and Jan Wichanee, suffering from COVID-19 at once, Pro Arm revealed on Tuesday. Feel sick The results were positive for COVID-19 at home.

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the latest (November 14, 2563) Pro Challenge Erie drugs out updates symptoms via Instagram that says “Thank you. Everyone who is concerned and encourages you. The symptoms are now much better. No fever But didn’t taste the food and didn’t smell Still having difficulty breathing and being tired easily “

          Prime said that even though he was fully careful. Unfortunately, Me and Mo had a positive test for COVID-19. We are now confined to our home. And try to contact everyone with whom we have close contact We both had a few symptoms. But we are disappointed to withdraw from the Pelican Women’s Championship. We will remain at home until we are safe enough to return to our regular schedule. We wish everyone good luck. And waiting for us to return to the competition again.
While the promotion of Promotion, posted a message via personal Instagram as well as saying “Now my symptoms are better, my fever has decreased, and I still cough and have a little difficulty breathing Does not smell and does not taste And still easily tired Thank you, everyone, who cares. “

The promotion also stated that Was tested for COVID 19 according to the LPGA Tour process and was informed that the test was positive. He also withdrew from the “Pelican Women’s Championship” next week already

. And in the process of being detained at home But we have to coordinate with the tour. And local health department officials To follow up with people who have been in close contact We wish you all the best in the tournament next week. And asked to wait for him to come back and compete again.

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