Dec 03, 2020 House decoration


House plan, half floor, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, cafe style, minimalist vibe Beautiful, clean white, clean eyes Comes with a gable roof, deck and spiral staircase in front of the house.

After working in Bangkok for more than 13 years, Arnon Onwilai has grown tired of the urban lifestyle. I want to move to living upcountry So he planned to revive the old family land of approximately 20 rai in Nakhon Chai Si District. Nakhon Pathom Province Into a coconut garden and shady perennials And then continued by resigning to build his first dream home To provide permanent residence.

The house is a white half-storey house with a double gable roof. With a deck in the middle The house stands out with its dark black spiral staircase and unusual shaped windows. Plus there is also a door in – out both in front – back Which he designed all by himself before having the Medeehouse construction team to remove the plans again.

The house consists of 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 dressing room, 1 large hall, 1 living room, 1 laundry room and 2 kitchens with a usable area of ​​132 square meters. The house is divided into 2 main zones. big The decoration is simple, clean style, looks clean and looks. White and wood accents There are gimmicks in many windows. He intends to open it as a holiday cafe in the future. The back of the house is an area for the kitchen.

The other zone is a relaxation area with a total of 2 floors. The ground floor is a bathroom. And still keep the concept clean, emphasizing white and woodwork the same Additional is warm and inviting.

When going up the stairs to the upper floor, it is divided into 2 rooms, left – right, simple style. Good for relaxing Extra long windows next to each other and on many sides To see the nature outside clearly In a sense, although not yet 100% complete, but it’s nice to have a ‘Wow’ House chic, unusual but lovely tone perfectly control the urge to stay home all day really.

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