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Design tips Energy efficient home Help the house stay cool all year round, not hot and environmentally friendly, reducing electricity bills and saving money in the long run. Guidelines for building a house or improving the house to be more livable.

Many people are afraid of the surge of electricity bills and look for energy-efficient appliances. But do you know that the truth is We can reduce the use of fire. And it is easy to reduce spending money since the beginning of the design of the house because the structure, roof, window or direction can affect long-term life. For now, who plans to build a house? New home improvement Or want to make the house cool and comfortable all year round, not hot, pleasant and shady anyway, see how to design energy-saving houses Both interior Place the direction of the house in accordance with the wind direction. Including the arrangement of green areas.

Roof and ceiling

1. Choose roof tiles that help reflect or prevent heat.

2. Tilt the roof at an angle of 45 degrees to reduce heat radiation to the ceiling.

3.Lining insulation under the roof

4. Use a ceiling with good ventilation properties.

5. Make a vent in the roof gable. To help ventilation from under the roof and inside the house

6. Elevate the ceiling. To pressure the heat, vent through the vents or attic openings.


1. Use insulation materials such as insulation for walls.

2. The walls in the house are chosen with less mass and light colors.

3. The exterior walls of the house are glossy, light colored and have a low heat capacity.


1. Make a light box on the window for the house downstairs. To help the house receive natural light throughout the day

2. The window should be 4 meters above the floor or match the height of the chair / bed. To help the wind blow through people

3. Opt for heat resistant glass To help cool the house without using air conditioning.

North and south

1. Suitable for the front of the house or the back of the house Because the wind was blowing through In which Thai people are most likely to face the south Because the wind leached all year round When the doors and windows are opened, they will make the house ventilate better Keeps the house cool even in the hot summer months.

2. In the part of the window next to the awning Or make the eaves too long To protect from the heat from the sun But inside the house remains bright all day long

East and west

1. Suitable as a space for planning the bathroom. Which is a room with humidity and coolness It can help reduce the temperature of the house from the heat of the sun is another way.

2. Avoid making openings. To reduce the exposure of hot air and heat radiation from the sun But if you already have the same item Addiction Will help reduce the temperature

3. Shading should be made to the solid wall in both directions, such as planting trees for shade.

Green space.

1. Plant trees for about 20% of the area to help filter pollution. Freshen the air But be careful not to block the wind direction into the house, such as perennials, shade, ivy and plants to purify the air.

2.Plant some grass in the open courtyard around the house. To help retain moisture and reduce light reflection

Multipurpose area

 Design the house to have semi-open space Or areas where the wind blows well, such as a house balcony, under a house, to be used as a place to do family activities without using air conditioning

Furniture and appliances

1. Choose a few pieces of furniture and place them next to the wall. To prevent obstructing the wind direction

2. Choose electrical appliances that are energy-efficient and highly efficient. To last for a long time Do not change often Including saving money and saving electricity By simply observing from the fiber-saving label 5 and the function or technology inside the machine such as the Inverter system, including power, it will help save electricity again.

At this point, I can see that building a house to save money and save energy is not difficult at all. Therefore, who wants to have a house that is eco-friendly and environmentally friendly Don’t forget to apply these home design tips and apply them together.

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