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15 dinner menus, lose weight no more than 250 calories, full without fat

15 dinner menus, lose weight no more than 250 calories, full without fat.

1.Mackerel chili paste

          This menu provides about 77 kcal of energy, can be eaten with 1 scoop of steamed rice (80 kcal) or you can choose to eat with 1 boiled egg (75-80 kcal). Too is also a high calcium menu. And if you eat it with vegetables, you will get both fiber and several vitamins.

2. Nam Prik Nam

          Let’s continue at Nam Prik Nam The energy is about 18 kcal per 1 tablespoon for one dinner meal may eat no more than 3-4 tablespoons of chili paste (about 54-72 kcal) paired with 1 scoop of steamed rice (80 kcal), supplemented with fresh vegetables, vegetables. Boiled or add a half-boiled egg (about 35-40 kcal), which will provide vitamins and antioxidants from the herbs in the chili paste. Has substance capsaicin that has analgesic effects And enough fiber from vegetables

3.Lab tofu and minced chicken

          The most healthy dish, this dish has no more than 200 kcal of energy at approximately 189 kcal and is also rich in fiber, calcium, and protein from both tofu and chicken.

4. Larb Catfish

          This menu provides about 167 kcal of energy and is considered a true weight loss dinner because it is low in fat, easy to digest, and provides good quality protein. In addition, catfish meat contains good fatty acids that help reduce blood fat. Along with preventing clogging of blood vessels Eat fish regularly, besides being smart. Can also reduce the risk of coronary heart disease as well

5. Roasted Chicken

          Chicken is a good partner for people losing weight. Because chicken is low in fat and high in protein, like grilled chicken breast. Or 1 piece of the roasted chicken thigh will give you 160 kcal of energy, you can eat fresh vegetables with it This is another menu that is full of light but full of quality.

6. Tuna Salad

          For people who want to focus on protein Choose to eat tuna salad. This menu provides light energy at only 140 kcal and contains good quality protein from fish. Contains good fatty acids that can help reduce bad fats in the body. And of course, eating fish will get DHA, a nutrient that nourishes brain cells. But if you want a little more nutrition It is recommended to eat it with half boiled eggs. This dish still has no more than 200 calories.

7. Winged Bean Salad

          This is a menu that is full of quality. 10 without broken due to a lot of fiber, calcium, phosphorus and iron from dried shrimps are also available. Importantly, Wing Bean Salad is a low-calorie menu, only 110 kcal, and it is great if the salad without coconut milk. Will reduce the fat further

8. Gang Liang

          Kaeng Liang has many kinds of vegetables. And there are also many herbs in the curry paste, such as pepper, that help stop the fishy smell. Contains essential oils Relieve back pain, have shallots, help drive wind, basil leaves, sweat the wind, relieve pumpkin cough, give high vitamin A, gourd, iron, calcium and phosphorus, benefits are very packed, plus only 98 kcal of energy, will drown in the heat. Or you can eat it with 1 scoop of rice to fill your stomach with ease.

9. Dumplings

          Simple one dish dishes like dumplings Provides about 141 kcal of energy, but if you want to reduce calories a bit May be changed from minced pork to minced chicken Or choose to eat shrimp dumplings instead Reduce the sodium further by not cooking it. Reduce fat a bit by not adding fried garlic. And increase the fiber by adding a lot of vegetables, this menu is already healthier

10. Braised Beef Soup

          On days when there is no time to cook You can also order the stewed beef soup for a low cal dinner. Because this menu provides about 149 kcal, but we can reduce the energy further by telling the woman not to add fried garlic, ask for a lot of vegetables and do not need seasoning.

11. Suki Nam

          A bowl of sukiyaki contains about 221 kcal of energy, but we can reduce it to 200 kcal by replacing the meat from pork with whole chicken breast. Add less vermicelli Or choose to eat Suki Kaolao, which only contains vegetables, no lines, no meat at all. Most importantly, do not eat a lot of sauce. And do not sip all the water as well The body will be able to swell from sodium.

12. Clear Tom Yum Seafood

          Another tasty dish with low fat and low energy, about 170 kilocalories, contains vitamins, antioxidants from tom yum and seafood. Which we can cut down the energy from this menu again Just replace the squid with fish. But be careful not to finish the bowl. Or rinse the water completely Because a lot of sodium The body will be swollen.

13. Tomato Sour Soup

          This cup contains 1 mackerel, suitable size. Quench the fish meat with tom yum herbs such as shallot, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, season with fresh chili, lime and fish sauce. Finished scoop to eat with 1 scoop of hot steamed rice (80 kcal) plus the calories of fresh boiled mackerel at about 67 kcal, this menu is also classified as a weight loss diet, not more than 200 calories and is also easy to digest. Good protein from mackerel Get essential fatty acids And also get antioxidants from the herbs in the tom yam

14. Pla Pao

           Burned fish provides about 150 kcal of energy. This menu can eat boiled noodles. Or the noodle noodles that come with a little fish set But fresh vegetables can be eaten without you. And another request that try to dip the sauce a little Reduce the sodium in the body

15.Steamed Sea Bass

          There is grilled fish and steamed fish menu must come. This dish provides a light energy of just 107 kcal, paired with 1 scoop of steamed rice, a healthy low-energy menu. Fat from fish is also low and easy to digest. Fish also contains two essential fatty acids EPA and DHA fatty acids, which help reduce bad fats in the body. Prevents blockage of blood vessels. And contributes to the maintenance of brain cells

16. Poached Eggs

          Egg dishes are easy to make, delicious and very useful, like this poached egg bowl. Provides about 160 kcal of energy, depending on the amount of the machine inserted. Because in addition to adding 1 egg (75-80 kcal), some people may also add meat such as minced pork, minced shrimp or crab sticks, along with vegetables like carrots, onions, or spring onions. Loaded with good quality protein from chicken eggs. It contains essential amino acids, iron, helps prevent anemia, calcium and phosphorus, helps maintain bones and teeth. In addition, eggs are rich in vitamins B1, B2 and B6, which help the nervous system and brain function and contain folate, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and lecithin, which are essential nutrients for many bodily systems. But if you want to lose weight, it is recommended that you eat poached eggs as a pure dinner, do not eat with rice. Because it will have more than 200 kcal of energy.

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