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10 ways to organize your home with limited space: Tips to organize your home to be beautiful, inviting, spacious and able to store more things.

Although small houses are more spacious, beautiful and more difficult to live in than large houses. But it doesn’t mean why at all Because today, the jar dot com collects tips or ways to tidy up the confined house and store a lot of things, what to do? Come and see.

1.Use the space on the wall

Although the horizontal usable area is limited But the usable space on the wall is not limited as well Therefore, if anyone has a problem with less space that the storage is not enough We recommend decorating the upper wall area. With the introduction of wood panels and fasteners to be attached all around Will make up the next floor down the stairs Or can be a single layer throughout the line After finishing, you can place the things as you like. However, it’s best to keep a box or basket to hold your infrequent items. This will help keep it from being cluttered, not dirty, and add a nice look. Oh, it’s not just the shelf. But can still find a hook to be attached to the wall To be used as a hanger for beautiful and beautiful items as well

2.Use the space under the cabinet – under the bed

In addition to using the space on the wall The use of space under cabinets or under the bed Are equally interesting Just find a few storage boxes and put those that are rarely used. Or the sheets Sweater down Will help save space and camouflage, otherwise, if anyone wants to decorate the room to be beautiful in itself Try to look for a wooden crate or basket with beautiful patterns to store things instead. Will help make the room look a lot better

3.Use vertical space

Of course, using vertical space is the best solution for tight spaces. Because in addition to helping to use less space on the floor It also allows more cost-effective use of the space from the height to the ceiling. So a lot of cracks, but the room is less spacious We recommend that you try to store as much vertical stuff as possible, such as stacking shelves with multiple heights. Or use items that are popular today like stairs That can hang cloth Good place to plant Plus, not only helps keep small items in place. But also another idea to decorate the house to look stylish

4.Use the space on the headboard

Usually, most people leave room at the head of the bed. Or hang beautiful art pictures or cool selfies, but would it be better if we built-in lockers at the head of the bed? Or, opt for a bed with built-in storage. In order to make the most of the free space Turn your rarely used space into a storage corner. And increase the usable space in the room to look more spacious at the same time

5. Make the most of every nook and cranny.

I don’t believe it, I have to believe that the nooks that are often overlooked can be DIY as a wonderful storage space. For example Space behind the door That just add a hanger to help hanging hats, hanging bags, hanging many things. Or the area behind the refrigerator That can add a hanger to store a lot of kitchen utensils More importantly, it not only saves space. But also to store items in an orderly manner Reduce the mess possible in the body. It also makes it easy to see and to be able to use it a lot.

6. Use a solid cabinet with hinges to open – close.

Built-in solid wall cabinets to make storage This is another good idea for people with limited space. Because it allows a more organized storage space to hide things It also camouflage, making the room not cluttered, not dirty and not uncomfortable in itself. It can also make good use of the space under the cabinet and on the cabinet as well. But the best way is, do not forget to mix it with the transparent cabinet without a lid. This will make it easier to pick up items you use often. And help make the house look beautiful There are dimensions to it.

7. Use a basket or crate to help.

Instead of using ordinary plastic boxes to store things. Try switching to a woven basket or crate that comes with a lid. It helps not to be cluttered. Make the room not cramped And keep things organized at the same time, also to use Easy to move Can be put on show Hidden is cool Enhances beauty It has style in the room. You can call it a great value and a very good one

8. Rely on multifunctional furniture

If the space is really very limited, the most cost-effective solution is to opt for multifunctional furniture. Or two-in-one furniture that can be used in many ways, such as a mirror with hidden lockers in the back. Bed with storage underneath Chair with storage compartment below And a reception table that is selected as a dining table and can hide things inside, etc.

9. Do not place anything on the floor.

Another good tip that should not be overlooked is. Don’t put things on the floor Of course, this doesn’t mean rugs, sofas, beds or any kind of furniture. Rather, it refers to small items such as clothes, bags, toys and small items, as these items are even collected and placed nicely in a certain corner. Still makes the room look cluttered anyway To conclude, bring it in a box and store it as a way would be more suitable. Because in addition to helping to keep the room cleaner Also increase the area to be spacious There is a comfortable walk. And easy to clean You don’t have to keep moving things too often.

10. Clear unnecessary items

How to organize your home? I must say that sometimes limited space is not a real problem. But the truth is caused by too much belongings Therefore, if anyone wants to organize a small home to look wide and effectively Should always sort things Keep the house from being cluttered. And get rid of all unnecessary items It is important to repeat it regularly if you buy new items frequently. Of course, deciding to leave something might be difficult. But because we have to use every square inch of space wisely Therefore, it should be considered that Is that item necessary? Use it or not, how often and keep it for what? And when the answer is clear, it should be thrown away Do not regret Or if it is so good, bring it to donate for others to use Or it can be sold in exchange for a certain amount of money. Oh, and after this, do not forget to think carefully before every purchase.

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